Joseph J Guerra


That's me with the curly hair 👋
I'm a digital product manager
who helps design and create software
My hobby is painting


🧔🏻 For short, they call me Joe G. I work as a digital product manager, owner, strategist. I also like presenting and writing.🧭 My product style is user-first, LEAN, iterative, always-shippable, data-informed (not data-driven), anti-fragile, pro-transparency, anti-feature factory, clear and concise communication, and early expectation setting.🧰 I have skills in MVPs, experiments, UX research, agile, scrum, kanban, shapeup (my preference), pods, and (regrettably) waterfall. I interface well with technical teams, legal folks, and strong-willed executives.🛠 My favorite product activity is scope hammering. Second is forced priority ranking.🙌 I do collaborative whiteboarding, sticky notes, user flows, wireframes, and jira. When it comes to working with fellow developers and designers, I know my way around html, css, javascript, github, (did a developer bootcamp), sketch, invision, miro, XD, and figma.🍕 Big fan of the two-pizza team.💙 I consider myself a servant leader. I have managed other product managers and business analysts. I also support fellow team member "hearts and minds" through soft skills like active listening, empathy, alignment, transparency, and advocacy.💻 My usual projects include web and native mobile apps for video, payments, blockchain, cryptocurrency, finance, fiat banking, identity, IoT, telematics, and maps.🌿 Lately, I am personally interested in sustainable, eco-friendly, mindful, and human products, especially those that empower creatives and independents.🎨 Outside my remote day job, I like painting.


I helped build these products
using a collaborative and iterative approach
The best products perform a single task well
celebrate things not done
and eliminate choices



All-in-one video monetization
platform for creatives


Painterly Impressions

Enjoy artistic impressions of
landscapes in painterly style



Financial wellness app
that makes you feel good



Manifest with the Moon
transparent mindfulness app



Social media for real humans
where everyone has a voice



Open source software libraries
for EOSIO blockchain developers


Know Your Palette

Mobile MVP for artists to understand
what's in their paints and pigments


Wallet MVP

A digital currency wallet
and pivot to payment system

Light Rail App

Find the closest station and
next train to your location

echo scribe

Echo Scribe

Amazon Alexa Skill to
make meetings less painful

six thinking hats

Six Thinking Hats

Guided session through
a unique thinking method


Salesforce Maps

Mapping and route planning
for salesforce

sunbelt command center

Command Center

Live location tracking of
rental equipment

poverty simulator

Poverty Simulator

Experience tough choices
made by those in poverty

© Joseph J Guerra